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Table of STS Companion Specifications





INTERFACE SPECIFICATION –Physical Layer Mechanical and Electrical Interface for Virtual Token Carriers​

​STS 101-1 describes the de-facto industry standard(s) "credit reader port" mechanical and electrical interface as implemented by existing prepayment meters, but with minor deviations and enhancements.

The specification aligns with IEC 62055-52.


Standard Transfer Specification – Physical Layer Protocol for a two-way virtual token carrier for remote connection over COSEM

​This document specifies the requirements for a new token carrier (STS_COSEM_TC) for the transfer of tokens using standard DLMS/COSEM client/server protocols and a selection of COSEM interface classes.

Generic classes for meter function objects

​The Specification introduces, describes and defines the concept of Meter_Function_Objects, which provide for specifying the functionality of the meter without imposing design-specific or technology-specific constraints on the actual meter implementation.

Meter function object: RegisterTable for payment meters
​This companion specification ​is intended to document and adopt the de-facto industry standard "credit reader port" functionality as implemented by existing prepayment meters.

The specification is for complementary use with companion specification STS 101-1 and is envisaged by IEC 62055-52 as an instance of a MeterFunctionObject.