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Key Management Centre

Guide to the Key Management Centre (KMC)

​​What is the KMC?

​allocates, generates, and safely stores all vending keys for the STS based systems around the world. It is owned by the STS Association and currently run by Eskom in their secure facilities.

The process...

​​The full process involving the KMC for establishing a STS compliant vending system is as follows:

  1. SGC owner registers at the KMC if not already registered with the KMC (New Customer Form)
  2. Once registered, SGC owner applies for a SGC number for an area (Request for SGC Form)
  3. KMC allocates a SGC to the SGC owner[[
  4. SGC owner applies for a vending key for the SGC (Request for VK Form), or the SGC owner applies for a default key (Default SGC Form)
  5. KMC generates a vending key for the SGC
  6. SGC owner gives key use authorization or use of the vending key for a paerticular security module ID (Key Authorization Form)
  7. SGC owner applies for the keyload file for a security module ID
  8. KMC generates the keyload file and sends it to the requestor
  9. SGC owner or third party loads the keyload file into the security module with the same ID

What services are offered​​?

Allocation of supply group codes

Supply group codes are distributed by the KMC after receipt of a signed Request for SGC Form. The form must be completed and signed by the SGC owner. The form is available from the STS website under the xxx section. Should a third party apply for a SGC on behalf of the SGC owner, the Request for SGC Form must be signed by the SGC owner.

Generation of Vending keys

The folowing vending key types are available when applying for a vending key:

  • VDDK - default vending key - used for generating keychange tokens from the default key (which does not allow the generation of credit tokens), to an active vending key (VUDK, VCDK)
  • VUDK - unique vending key - used for all vending operations for uniquely coded payment meters (i.e. each meter has a unique key).
  • VCDK - common vending key - used for all vending operations for commom coded payment meters (i.e. each meter has a the same key).